Joshua Wean
               ...My Skills


  • Business Analysis & Planning
  • Financial Reporting
  • LEAN Efficiency Troubleshooting
  • IT & HR Management Planning
  • Developing Chart of Accounts
  • CFO Services
  • Creating Business Plans
  • Auditing Systems & Controls

Business Strategy & Management

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results

- W. Churchill

  • Monthly Profit/Loss Statement Management & Analysis
  • ERISA and ACA compliance
  • System Integration for time tracking employee hours and payroll
  • Chart of Accounts set up, Bank Management, Software and Technology Research and Implementation.
  • CFO Services including P&L Management, Budgeting, Forecasting, Analysis
  • Organizational Development and Personnel Training.
  • Direct deposit Payroll Management
  • Business Plan Development and Implementation.
  • Business website evaluation and strategic layout for revamped launch and marketplace penetration for SEO performance.

"I have really appreciated working with Josh Wean. As a small business owner, I have benefited greater from his accounting services, helping me structure our chart of accounts, creating reports, and assisting with tax reporting. He understands my small business needs."

J. W. - Small Business Owner

From cross project management to streamlining process change and strategic business planning, Josh Wean has enjoyed a career working in various business environments. He has a passion for business and helping others. With a strong working experience with both small and midsized corporations, both for profit and non-profit organizations, he enjoys meeting with business owners to understand their unique needs, and customizing solutions to help chart a course for business success and profitability.  

Josh has a strong background with successful team development, organizational development, P&L oversight, reporting and budgeting, and cash flow management. Josh has experience providing results in business analysis, financial management, and re-structuring organization for small business owners, non-profits, e-commerce corporations, 3rd party logistic companies, and private businesses.  

Having traveled in Europe, North and South America for business and pleasure, he enjoys interacting with people, spending time with his family, learning, building and leading successful businesses - and doing all with a passion for integrity.

"Josh Wean is a superb professional and a great person to know and work with. I've worked with Josh on numerous projects and seen firsthand his skills and leadership. He is a valuable asset wherever he is working."

M. W. -  Director of Research &  Product Development

Client Services Performed & Testimonials

Josh Wean Consulting

"Josh Wean is an experienced operator with an attention to both strategy and detail. He has a long history of navigating difficult circumstances with integrity and developing solutions."

R. Y. -  CEO

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